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About Multimedia Network

Multimedia Network is the operator that provides public telecommunication services, which offers advanced internet and cable tv services. Multimedia Network operates in the market in Gostivar since 1999. From than till now, Multimedia Network successfully has menaged to recover and supply the majority of population in Gostivar. With its entry into this market, Multimedia Network has brought innovation and competition in this market. In order to satisfy the consumer’s need, Multimedia Network continuously is investing and is increasing its capacity of cable network using the highest technology of digitalization. Internet services that Multimedia Network offers represent the newest trend and with the highest quality in the world, internet with optic fiber whose speed is higher and exactly that speed that everyone want.

Multimedia Network is the right choise for the faster communication through the internet network with optic fiber and digital cable tv. Multimedia Network offer the possibility to be closer with the people you love.

"Addresing the need of our clients is our priority"

The vision of Multimedia Network is to increase the quality of life and to provide a special experience and excellence in communication. It also tends to be the best and the leader in the region and also the first choice that intend you when it comes to your communication with the world outside.

"With the communication network of Multimedia Network you will be always in cutting edge"